Angel Monroe Homepage

Hi! I am Monroe. I am 22 and I am a very unusual person. I’m from Toronto, but I have Latina roots, so I have full juicy lips, deep brown eyes and tattoos all over my body. I became interested in tattoos when I was 18, and since then I’ve done a lot of them. For me it’s a way to express myself, to be different from others and to be a striking personality.
As for my character – I am very independent. I love reading philosophical books and I have my own opinion on every subject. I am interested in art, cinema, fashion and books.
I’m a student. I’m studying King’s College and also I work as an escort girl in Toronto and I don’t care about other people’s opinion about this, because for me it’s a really interesting and exciting job. Things I love most of all are sex, communication and new impressions. This job can provide all of this.

When I started, I was choosing between working with agency and being an independent escort. I was reading different forums and as I am very independent by nature, I’ve chose the second variant and started my career as an escort girl in Toronto at Of course I have to face some difficulties. If you are an indie, you have to care of your security yourself. Also, you have to deal with defaulting customers, but I have a strong personality and I am very confident and friendly, so it’s not a problem for me. I left home when I was 16, so being under one’s wing is not my thing. It’s me, who chooses the clients and bears full responsibility and it’s me who gets all the money. Before getting into this business I learned the ropes reading a lot in the internet and talking with the girls. I understood all the pitfalls but I didn’t want to be under somebody’s control and to give 30-50% of my money to the agency. But this way is not for everyone. If you are not fine with English, or if you are too meek, if you don’t like to run you life – you’d better work in an agency. Of course, they take away a huge part of your problems, especially concerning security and finding new clients.
I want to inspire the girls who want to work in escort. No matter what people say. Nobody is sinless. We bring happiness to people who lack love, care, sex, emotions or self-confidence. We are both girlfriends and business partners, lovers and psychologists. Who’s told you it’s immoral? An old lady selling useless expensive stuff through the internet? Laugh at her face. Listen to yourself and have fun as much as you want.